Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Samad Said Is On The Right Track With Bersih

A Samad Said

Bersih Co-chairperson A Samad Said was one of the honorable guests who had showed up at the Malacca Bersih and Anti-Lynas Concert.

A Samad Said is a famous poet and novelist from Malaysia. He had been awarded successively for his excellent literary work. Among his remarkable achievements are Pejuang Sastera (1976), SEA Write Award (1979), Sasterawan Negara (1985) and Sasterawan Nusantara (1999).

Apart from the recognition in literature field, A Samad Said was also awarded the "Datuk" title by the Yang Dipertua Negeri Melaka in 1997. "Salina" is A Samad Said's famous novel which was completed in 1958 and published by Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka in 1961.

Due to discontent with Barisan Nasional, A Samad Said determined to join Bersih and involved actively in social movement since 2011.

Even the scholar is protesting against the government on street, it shows that the transformation of Barisan Nasional has been rejected by Malaysians.

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