Thursday, August 2, 2012

729 Segamat Bid For Chinese High School Rally

729 Segamat

Following the Selangor Kajang 325 rally protest shortage of teachers in SJKC, the Pahang Kuantan 520 bid for Chinese high school rally, Chinese educationists again showed up in 729 Segamat rally.

The rally is to request a Chinese high school to be built in Segamat. Quite many celebrities turned up for the rally. They were Ser Lai Hing, Tan Tai Kim, Lee Cheng Chuan, Bakri MP Er Teck Hwa, Dong Zong President Yap Sin Tian and Dong Zong Deputy President Chow Siew Hon.

The Organizing Chairperson Ser Lai Hing led the speaker line-up. Other speakers to address the crowd were Batu Pahat Chinese High School Board of Director President Tan Tai Kim, Segamat Chinese High School Coordinating Committee President Lee Cheng Chuan and Dong Zong President Yap Sin Tian.

Has been used to relax and leisure life style, we woke up early in the morning and hurried to Segamat. When passing by Tangkak, we stopped there to enjoy the famous Tangkak beef noodles. Before returning to Merlimau, we had high tea at Segamat Old Taste Cafe.

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