Friday, June 17, 2011

Wo Lai Ye Dried Meat Excessive Level of Preservative

Dried Meat

Malaysia Minister of Health Liow Tiong Lai disclosed to media recently, the preservative levels of dried pork products of Wo Lai Ye (Kiew Brothers) was too high. Ministry of Health ordered the products to be pulled off shelves nationwide immediately.

Malaysia Ministry of Health is always being criticized for its inefficiency. The decisive action taken against Wo Lai Ye was truly out of expectation. This should be the critical effect of 308 political tsunami.

The incident of Wo Lai Ye dried pork food is just the tip of iceberg. Since Barisan Nasional government is people prioritized, Ministry of Health must ban all food which is harmful to consumers. Otherwise voters won't cast their votes for Barisan Nasional.

Whether Barisan Nasional wish to keep everything under carpet or let the people who have the right to decide the formation of government to know the truth, Barisan Nasional has to look out for itself in order to retain power.

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