Saturday, April 16, 2011

Taking Lunch At Chinese Mini Restaurant In Seoul

Seoul Chinese Restaurant

After leaving Hanyang University, We went to a Chinese mini restaurant in Seoul Seongdong-gu to have our lunch.

This Chinese mini restaurant is located not far away from Hanyang University Seoul campus. It's just need to walk for a few minutes. We went up to the second floor of the mini restaurant. The mini restaurant was crowded with customers. There are a small heating furnace and three rectangular dining tables. It seemed too congested.

My son ordered spicy noodles, fried sauce noodles and fried chicken strips. Free flow of sky juice was provided. My wife and I shared the fried sauce noodles. My son ate the hot spicy noodles. We shared out the crispy fried chicken strips. The meal only cost 11 thousand won. The price is pretty economy and affordable.

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