Friday, April 1, 2011

Malaysia DAP Robin Hood Anthony Loke

Anthony Loke

During Merlimau by-election, Dap Negeri Sembilan Rasah Member of Parliament Anthony Loke frequently appeared at Pakatan Rakyat political talk. He was just like an ancient knight of justice.

The reason why I associate Anthony Loke with Robin Hood is because of his name, Loke Siew Fook. The pronunciation of his name in Cantonese is almost same as Loke Siew Fong, a fictional character of Kung Fu novel.

Anthony Loke is an expert of physiognomy. According to him, one of  Malaysia national leaders looks ominous. Within 3 years of his service, more than ten legislators and the King of Hell have a date one after another.

Anthony Loke really looks far ahead. In order to ensure a better future, Malaysians should seriously reform and change.

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