Friday, January 14, 2011

Muar Street Delicacies

Jalan Haji Abu in Muar is known as street of delicacies. The Muar people named it as "Tan Chi Jie" which means street of greedy.

Otak-otak is a renowned Muar street food. You should try it when you are in Muar. There are two flavor of Muar otak-otak which are fish and prawn. I truly like otak-otak but it's too spicy for me.

Satay Stall
Satay is another Muar famous street food. This satay stall provides pork satay and chicken satay. The locals like to eat satay with squid and water spinach.

Pastry Stall
This pastry stall sells a variety of delicious pastries. Remember to buy some pastries after enjoying your favorite street food at Jalan Haji Abu in Muar.

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  1. enjoy your great time and your delicious street foods :)

  2. T.Khairil Ahsyar:
    Thank you for your visit. Feel free to drop in as often as you like.

    Majalah Masjid KIta:
    Welcome to Malaysia to enjoy delicious street food.

  3. the Satay looks yummy.
    what is otak-otak?

  4. Onlinesmallnote:
    The satay is delicious. I will write a post on otak-otak, feel free to check out.


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