Wednesday, June 2, 2010

St. Francis Xavier Overlooks The Straits Of Malacca

St. Francis Xavier
The Spanish missionary St. Francis Xavier stood alone on Malacca St. Paul Hill. He had been overlooking The Straits of Malacca for more than 400 years. Perhaps the lonely St. Francis Xavier was desperately homesick or his desire remained unfulfilled. It's truly interesting and thought-provoking.

St. Francis Xavier
This is the statue of the renowned Catholic missionary St. Francis Xavier. The right palm of the statue was broken. I once thought that the missing palm was destroyed by some mischievous person. Actually there were different versions of stories about the damaged palm.

St. Francis Xavier was born in a Spanish noble family in 1506. When he was studying in Paris, he met the co-founder of the Society of Jesus---St. Ignatius Loyola. Since then, he became a Roman Catholic missionary. He was devoted to disseminate Catholicism in the East.

St. Francis Xavier
On his way to China, St. Francis Xavier fell sick and later died on the Shangchuan Island. His body was interred inside the St. Paul's Church before reburying in Goa, India.

The grave of St. Francis Xavier was covered with wire mesh. According to hearsay, the burrow was an exit of the underground tunnel. You can make a wish after throwing money into the grotto.

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