Saturday, June 5, 2010

Malacca Portuguese A Famosa

A Famosa
The world famous A Famosa is located at the foot of the St. Paul Hill in Malacca. It was constructed by the Portuguese during its 130-year long rule. Now, it had been transformed into a very popular tourist attraction.

A Famosa
Portuguese came to the East to seek for the spices in 16th century. In order to compete with its rivals and dominate the spices trade, Portuguese occupied Malacca and set up a base.

Tomb of Tun Teja
With the capture of Malacca by Portuguese in 1511, it ended the Malacca Dynasty which was established by the Palembang prince Parameswara. The last sultan of Malacca Dynasty, Sultan Mahmud Syah fled in panic. His imperial concubine Tun Teja died in Merlimau while retreating to Muar. Tun Teja was buried in the paddy field in Merlimau Pantai.

A Famosa
The 1Malaysia Government should take the demise of the Malacca Dynasty as a lesson.

Unity is strength. It's as simple as ABC. That's why 1Malaysia Government shouldn't advocate the priority culture in Malaysia because it will create prejudice among Malaysian.

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