Wednesday, January 20, 2010

South Korea Rice Bowl And Chopsticks

South Korea Rice Bowl
The above photo is South Korea stainless steel bowl and chopsticks. Three set of bowls only cost 5000 Won. The bowl is not expensive but very useful, my wife really likes it.

During our tour to South Korea, we bought quite many snacks and souvenirs but didn't buy the stainless steel bowl and chopsticks. My wife was regret for some time, so she had to remind our son to buy for her when returned home.

South Korea Rice Bowl
The bowl with a cover has many uses. It can be used to put in a variety of items, including snacks, fruits, cakes, pastries, dessert, dishes, rice and soup. The chopsticks have been used for several years, until now they are still shining as newly bought.

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  1. stainless rice bowl and chopsticks? I want them too...

  2. Lina:
    Go ahead, you can have them.

    Oic, you prefer the candies not the bowl.

    Live Life:
    I am not in South Korea.


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