Monday, January 11, 2010

South Korea Custard Pie

South Korea Custard Pie
My son returned from Seoul in December 2008. He brought back a full luggage of snacks and souvenirs. The above custard pie is one of the snacks that he bought for me.
South Korea Custard Pie
This custard pie is really delicious. The outside of the pie is a layer of soft cake and the filling is fragrant sweet custard.

South Korea Custard Pie
This is another type of pie. Its packaging and flavor is different from the custard pie.

South Korea Custard Pie
The outer layer of the pie was coated with a layer chocolate and the filling is marshmallow cream. This chocolate pie is not as soft as the custard pie but with a sweet chocolate taste.

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  1. that looks so delicious..=)
    thanks for dropping by at my blog..
    ur son?..he studied in korea before?..
    that's cool..=)

  2. O my... I can tell it taste good... I am drooling hahahhaha....

  3. those look so yummy...

    thanks for the visit

  4. That is sweet!

    Come over to my site today please! Thanks! :)

  5. the custard pie used to my friend's fave
    after he watched lots of korean drama
    got crazy into korean food haha...

    got sum1 said ur son study at korean?
    I studied korean msia haha

  6. Lina,Agnes Sim,Mama Mia:
    The pie is yummy.

    Aizamia Boojaejoong:
    It's delicious.

    Cath J:
    It's mouthwatering.

    You are welcome.

    Thank you for your visit.

    Help yourself.

    Semut's Ark:
    Wow, you know Korean. It's great.

  7. Hi! Long time no see (in my blog) how are you?
    I am happy to see you.
    By the way, I love the custard pie. On way to the USA in 2008, my flight had a stop in Seoul. I bought some custard pie for my husband niece and nephews. And both of us went for a vacation on the Philippines, we stopped in Seoul. I looked for the custard pies again at the Duty Free but there are none. I guess they are seasonal? I kept on looking but I couldn't find any.


  8. Marly:
    Hi, nice to see you too. I am not certain whether it's seasonal. I have to enquire my son.


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