Monday, July 7, 2008

 Pay Fong 95 Anniversary Exhibition 03

Pay Fong Secondary School
My previous post was about "Punk Rock Pirate Party" of Li San Ai. I am going to share "Magic Trip" of Shang San Yi with you in this post
Although "Punk Rock Pirate Party" and "Magic Trip" were different in style but both of them were really creative and innovative.
Pay Fong Secondary SchoolThis handsome young man was the mastermind of the "Magic Trip". According to him, they had encountered various difficulties for the preparation of the exhibition. Finally, they managed to solve their problems successfully because they worked as a team.
Pay Fong Secondary School
The backdrop of the "Magic Trip" venue was the famous Japanese cartoon characters. The Naruto was one of the cartoon character. These cartoon characters were used to reflect the friendship and unity among people.
For your information, Shang San Yi is a commerce class but the drawing skill of the students is so excellent.


  1. What was that "magic trip" about? Do you have video about that?
    It would be great if we can watch it.
    Great works.

  2. wow, naruto. That looks cool. :)

  3. Naruto is cute in that photo. And hehehehe.. i am a fan of naruto shipuuden videos and i am still waiting for the latest video to be uploaded to the site.

    THank you
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