Saturday, July 5, 2008

 Pay Fong 95 Anniversary Exhibition 02

Pay Fong Secondary School
Malacca Pay Fong Secondary School 95 anniversary exhibition was launched successfully.
"Punk Rock Pirate Party" was the theme of the exhibit that presented by Li San Ai students. In my opinion, the idea and design of the exhibit were appropriate with the theme.
The students of Li San Ai had carried out a research for the preparation of the "Punk Rock Pirate Party".
Pay Fong Secondary SchoolThere was a prisoner cage at the "Punk Rock Pirate Party". A girl with smiling face was coming out from the cage. She was so happy although being imprisoned because it was a comedy version of pirate party.

Pay Fong Secondary SchoolPay Fong Secondary School
Luckily, there wasn't any brutal pirate at the "Punk Rock Pirate Party", otherwise I was thrown into the sea to feed the hungry sharks.
I would to thank Li San Ai students for allowing me to publish their photos here.


  1. wow... nice party sis...

  2. Saw a few cute and pretty young girls.

  3. Wow. Their school is so much fun. Unlike ours. It's fun but not that fun~ Hi.

  4. Masenchipz
    It's Punk Rock Party, do you want to join ?

    Hello hello......

    Borneo Falcon
    The cute and pretty young girls are students.

    It was fun for them. They really enjoyed.

  5. class !!..why it will be here...haha


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