Saturday, February 2, 2008

Minced Chicken Dried Meat

I post another video clip for my blog.

I went to Muar this afternoon. So coincident that I passed by a minced chicken dried meat shop. I just dropped in to buy half kilogram of minced chicken dried meat. I asked for permission to record a short video clip. The shop assistant gladly allowed me to do so. This is the video that I captured this afternoon.

I like to eat minced chicken dried meat but I only buy once a year. The most is twice a year. Normally, I buy minced chicken dried meat during Chinese New Year. You can take minced chicken dried meat with beer or Chinese tea as a snack. You can also make sandwiches with minced chicken dried meat.

This minced chicken dried meat outlet is new in Muar. It is located at Jalan Meriam. Any Muarian interested can have a try.

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