Sunday, February 10, 2008

Chinese New Year At Jonker Walk

Jonker Walk is the glittering jewel of the historical town of Malacca. You should go to Jonker Walk when you are visiting Malacca. Otherwise, it's just like leaving a jewelry shop with empty hands.

Jonker Walk will be decorated with numerous of lanterns during Chinese New Year. Visitors start flocking to Jonker Walk when the sun begins to set. The night of Jonker Walk bustles until the excited crowd leaves at midnight.

Before becoming a popular tourist attraction, Jonker Walk is a narrow street with a few antique shops. The situation is totally different currently.

Now, Jonker Walk is a busy street during daytime. Tourists stroll along the pedestrian walkway in front of the shops. It turns into a bustling street at night from Friday to Sunday. Hopefully it would be seven nights a week in future.

The stuffs that available at Jonker Walk range from local delicacy, antiques to souvenirs. If you are in Malacca, remember to witness yourself the night fever of Jonker Walk.

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  1. jonker walk is fun cny feel haha

  2. Hi, kokahkok happy CNY.
    You are absolutely right.

  3. Happy Chinese New Year!!

    Thanks for visiting my site :-)

  4. you came to Malacca again!
    I went to jonker walk yesterday night too. It still crowded with people and heard it would be continue open until the CNY is finish

  5. Hi,Kang Yong.
    Jonker Walk is the glittering jewel of Malacca. It's for ever crowded with visitors unless it disappears from the world.


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