Saturday, October 14, 2017

Malacca Nutp New Office

My wife and I went to Malacca Nutp Office during December 2016.

Although we had retired for years but we both are Nutp life member.

This selfie photo was taken at Nutp new office. The old office is at level three of a building in Melaka Raya.

The new office is at ground floor of a building in Durian Daun. Now, the Nutp members no need to climb up to third floor.

Whether you are already retired or still in service, you should be a member of Nutp in order to protect yourself.

Solidarity among teachers is a must to fight for the rights of teachers, respectively.

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Saturday, July 15, 2017

The Resurrection Of Mummy

Wonder Woman

I went to cinema with my wife last month.

At first we wanted to see "Wonder Woman" but the show time is 6 pm and no concession tickets for seniors.


After discussing with my wife, we decided to see "Mummy" which Tom Cruise starred in.

We visited London in May. It's happened that London was one of the shooting locations of "Mummy".

When we were in the cinema enjoying the movie, it's just like visiting London again.

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Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Dine At Sushi Zanmai Restaurant


We dined at Sushi Zanmai Restaurant two weeks ago.


Sushi Zanmai Restaurant is located in The Shore Hotel building in Malacca.

Beef With Rice

I ordered a bowl of beef with rice as shown above.

Chicken With Rice

My wife preferred to savor chicken with rice.

Ice Cream

We shared a green tea flavor ice cream after enjoying the meal. The ice cream reminded me of our Osaka-Kyoto trip last year.

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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Our Visitor Mini Dinosaur


We often have uninvited visitors.


A chameleon strolled gracefully on the grass during a sunny afternoon.


Since we moved in our new house, all kinds of visitors keeps on dropping by to punch card. Besides chameleon, there are cats, dogs, birds, frogs, toads, moths, snakes, iguanas, ladybugs, butterflies, garden snails and many many more.

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Friday, March 24, 2017

London Terror Attack

Based on BBC News, 4 people were killed, including a police and the attacker in a terror attack in Westminster. Besides that more than 40 others were injured in the Westminster incident.

The terror attack occurred on 22nd 2:40 pm (Malaysia time is 22nd 9:40 pm). The attacker hit the pedestrians by car at Westminster Bridge. Then he killed a police with a knife inside the gate of Palace of Westminster.

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Friday, March 17, 2017

Savoring Hong Kong Dim Sum


Tuesday morning, my wife went to Malacca Pantai Hospital for eyes inspection.

While waiting for my wife, I dropped by Hong Kong Dim Sum Restaurant to enjoy dim sum.

Located at Bukit Beruang, Hong Kong Dim Sum Restaurant serves delicious dim sum. As an unemployed old man, the price of the dim sum is considered expensive to me.

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Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Barcelona Overturned Paris St-Germain

Spain La Liga Team Barcelona achieved the impossible mission of England Premier League Team Arsenal in Europe Champions League round of 16.

Barcelona was beaten 0--4 by French League 1 Paris Saint-Germain during the away match at Paris Princes Park Stadium. They hoped to win Paris Paris Saint-Germain by great margin during the second leg match in Camp Nou home ground.

It's really incredible. Barcelona didn't upset the faithful Barca supporters. With superb performance by the players, Barcelona penetrated Paris Saint-Germain's goal six times. Luckily, with the aggregate of 6--5, Barcelona eliminated Paris Saint-Germain from Europe Champions League last 16.

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Sunday, March 12, 2017

Tofu Corps Arsenal

England Premier League Team Arsenal was defeated by German Bundesliga Team Bayern Munich at Emirates Stadium.

Europe Champions League round of 16, Arsenal lost to Bayern Munich (1--5) during the away match. The Gunners hoped to overturn Bayern Munich in the home match at Emirates Stadium.

However, Arsene Wenger was frustrated because his team was unable to topple Bayern Munich in the second leg match at home ground.

Arsenal lineup played like soft legs craps and humiliated by Bayern Munich (1--5) again. The embarrassing result was really disappointed the Gunners fans.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Hotmail Service Outage Resolved

I was redirected to an unknown website when I clicked on the Hotmail bookmark this morning.

My computer security system alerted me not to proceed because it’s risky to do so.

I did a Google search and knew that worldwide Hotmail users have the same problem. So I signed in from the Microsoft Outlook link.

Luckily I have installed an internet Security System. Otherwise my Hotmail account had been hacked.

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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Rooster New Year Highlights


We enjoyed steamboat dinner during Lunar New Year's Eve.


Although the food was not abundant, the steamboat dinner was very extraordinary because it was a meaningful family reunion.

Red Packets

These were the red packets given by my children. The amount of the money is not important as long as they have the good intention.


We savored pizza which was bake by our daughter in law during second day morning of Lunar New Year.


I went out to do something during the fourth day of Lunar New Year. On the way, I was so shocked when saw a ghost in a Kenari car.


On the fifth day of Lunar New Year, we saw our son off to Singapore at Malacca bus terminal.


Before returning home, we dropped by Sushi Zanmai Restaurant.


Do you know what food is this?


We ordered natto as appetizers. Korean and Japanese are fond of eating the nutritious natto.

Sushi Zanmai Restaurant

After taking lunch, we wefied in front Sushi Zanmai Restaurant.

The Shore Hotel

Located in The Shore Hotel building, the food and the service provided by Sushi Zanmai Restaurant are good.


No news broadcasting during Lunar New Year. My wife missed the handsome broadcasters.


Our children have started to work. It's again my wife and I tasting the cookies for the afternoon tea time.

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