Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Malacca Sentral Market

Sentral Market

Accompany my wife to Malacca Sentral Market to buy some foodstuffs once a month.

Sentral Bus Terminal

Malacca Sentral Market is located near Malacca Sentral Bus Terminal along AMJ.

Sentral Market

The Malacca Sentral Market building will be demolished due to its structural defects.

Sentral Market

The traders were forced to do business under the tent at the car park. The patrons were not only facing problem of parking their vehicles but also had to endure the heat of the hot sun.

Sentral Market

The Tun Fatimah Road temporary market has started operating since 1st of November. The vendors and customers now can enjoy the comfort of the new environment and no longer worry about rain or hot weather.

Sentral Market

The temporary market is cleaner and more spacious. However the parking area is not broad enough. Hopefully the state government will expropriate more land to extend the car park. Otherwise the car park will be packed like sardines during week ends and festive seasons.

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