Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Leading The Simple Life

Simple Life

This book "Simple Life" is kept in the bookshelf for more than 20 years. During early November, I managed to read this book while I was at Malacca Toyota Service Center to replace the airbags of my car.

Have a few bookcases of books as reading is my hobby. Intend to enjoy reading these books after retiring from teaching profession. My wish couldn't be fulfilled because I had addicted to Facebook. This proved that planning is often not commensurate with the outcome.

With everybody can fly and information can be obtained by using a computer or smart phone, many people want to enjoy a high quality of life.

Based on the opinion of the author, high quality of life is covering lifestyle. Don't ever show off luxury and not to complicate simple matters. Do not follow the trend but emphasize on the uniqueness. Live happily and try to escape from the killing daily routine.

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  1. A true meaning of leading a simple life. A meaningful and yet wonderful lifestyle.


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