Sunday, November 6, 2016

Takoyaki And Okonomiyaki


Before traveling in Japan, I was confused about takoyaki and okonomiyaki.

During a stroll in Osaka Kuromon Market, I knew what the okonomiyaki was then. My wife and I ate a okonomiyaki each. The price of an okonomiyaki was 550 Yen.


After visiting Osaka Castle, we savoring original flavor takoyaki in Umeda. This serving of nine takoyaki was 380 Yen or around RM 15.

Egg Waffle

This was the egg waffle I had ordered at a cafe in Muar. The egg waffle imitated Japanese takoyaki and okonomiyaki because it was a combination of takoyaki and okonomiyaki.

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  1. Tq for the information. A very good n clear explanation about Takoyaki n Okonomiyaki .


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