Monday, September 12, 2016

Getting Around Muar Town


My wife and I went to Muar recently.

Da Bao

We ate a big bao each at Wang Lai Food Court.

Muar Market

After savoring the big baos, we moved to the market which is located along Jalan Ali.


Leaving the market, we were heading to Tanjung to enjoy the cool fresh Muar River breeze.


My health is getting worst due to GST. Have to do exercise to stay away from illness.

Muar Tanjung

The cunning rabbit have three holes. What are the animals dig so many holes?

Mangrove Flower

Have you seen the flower of mangrove tree?

Muar Tanjung

Currently Muar Municipal Council is committed to upgrade the landscape of Tanjung.

Muar Tanjung

The drain is clogged with sewage and dry leaves. Muar Municipal Council Members must always be sleep soundly!

Fan Palm

The fan palm is full of red fruits. From what I know, the fan palm has already become a residential feng shui plant.

Muar Town

Before returning to Malacca, we had lunch at Jalan Haji Abu and bought a box of otak-otak.

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