Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Mahathir Condemned Red Shirt Rally

Dr Mahathir Mohamad

Although former Prime Minister of Malaysia Dr Mahathir Mohamad had already retired, he is obviously unwilling to remain out of the limelight. That's why Dr Mahathir Mohamad repeatedly sings different tune with Barisan Nasional Government which leads by present Prime Minister Najib Razak.

Following the earlier unexpected Bersih 4 Rally show up, this time Dr Mahathir Mohamad clear and definite criticized the 916 Red Shirt Rally was supported by Prime Minister Najib Razak. Dr Mahathir Mohamad clearly stated that Bersih 4 Rally was a gathering for all races in Malaysia. But it was demonized by the driving force behind the Red Shirt, thus showcased the self-deception 916 Malaysia Day Red Shirt Rally.

The Red Shirt Rally as if a mystery ghost because nobody dared to admit who was the organizer. After facing public pressure, several UMNO leaders who have lost power and influence began to get into the act. In the beginning, they claimed that the rally was to foster the unity among the Malays. They kept on changing their statement regarding the objective of Red Shirt Rally after severely reprimanded by many enlightened Malays.

According to Dr Mahathir Mohamad's opinion, the reason to organize Shirt Rally was to threaten those Malaysians who are discontented with the government.

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