Thursday, March 29, 2012

325 Rally Protest Shortage Of Teachers In SJKC

325 Rally

The Malaysia long-awaited 325 protest rally on short of teachers in SJKC was exploded in Kajang New Era College.

The objective of the assembly was to protest the implementation of education policy that violated the 1996 Education Act.

Before becoming a trained teacher, I served as a temporary teacher. Now, I had retired for five years, the teacher shortage still exist in SJKC. Persistent shortage of teachers in SJKC, uncovers the trick of Barisan Nasional marginalized SJKC.

President of Dong Zong Yap Sin Tian revealed that protest activities will flare up throughout the country if the problem remains unsolved. The attendees threw out loud cheer to support the "Save Chinese Education Rally".

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