Saturday, February 25, 2012

Malaysia MCA Ms Tow Truck Jessie Ooi

Jessie Ooi

MCA Selayang Parliamentary Coordinator, Jessie Ooi had grabbed instant fame overnight and transformed into the most ignorant politician in Malaysia.

Jessie Ooi was in the limelight after throwing out a silly question at the public debate between DAP Secretary-general Lim Guan Eng and MCA president Dr Chua Soi Lek. The debate was hosted at Kuala Lumpur Berjaya Times Square on February 18.

The title of the debate was "Chinese at the Crossroad: Is the Two Party System becoming a Two-race System?" The inquiry raised by Jessie Ooi was "truck towing" in Penang. It's super clear that the "truck towing" problem is totally deviated from the debate topic.

May be MCA version of Two Party System is towing truck. That's why MCA was seriously destructed by the 308 Political Tsunami. Appointing such a childish person to be a representative, MCA must be crazy because of nibbling the bread crumbs under UMNO dining table.

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  1. Yah i agree!!!!Wat do you expect from a STUPID WOMAN who dose not know wat she is asking!My 6y year old daughter is SMARTER than NER ????Shame on MCA for appointing her- "MCA Selayang Parliamentary Coordinator, Jessie Ooi "-PLEASE ASK HERT TO SUT UP OR LEAVE THE PARTY-STUPID mca !!!!!!My VOTE goes to LGE from the very start of the debate!!!!!

  2. ClapHands:
    MCA is truly a hopeless political party. It will be sent to museum after the 13th general election.

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    1. In case you have towing services in Malaysia, please do me a favor to tow away the annoying MO1.

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    1. Aiyoyo,same story!
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