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South Korea Seoul Tourist Information Centers

Seoul Tourist Information Center

There are more than ten tourist information centers around Seoul, the capital city of South Korea.

This tourist information booth is located in Namdaemun Market. The booth is about 50 meters away from Exit 5 of Hoehyeon Subway Station, 49 Namchangdong Junggu. The opening hour is from 09:00 to 18:00. The phone number is 02-7521913.

The staffs on duty are mostly girls and ladies. They are friendly and beautiful as well. Beyond that they speak pretty good English. So, there is no problem to communicate with them. Feel free to approach them in case you need any aid.

Other tourist information centers are as listed below.

Time: 09:00--22:00
Contact: 02-7358688
Location: In front of Donghwa Duty Free, 215 Sejongno 1-ga, Jongnogu.

Time: 09:00--22:00
Contact: 02-22369135
Location: In front of Good Morning Shopping Mall, 18-21 Euljiro 6-ga, Junggu.

Time: 09:00--22:00
Contact: 02-37850942
Location: Inside Itaewon Subway Station, 127 Itaewondong, Yongsangu.

Time: 10:00--19:00
Contact: 02-21437007
Location: In front of Lotte Department Store, 27 Jamsildong, Songpagu.

Time: 09:00--22:00
Contact: 02-7200872
Location: In front of Samil Building, 10-2 Gwancheodong, Jongnogu.

Hongik University
Time: 12:00--22:00
Contact: 02-3232240
Location: Hongdae Street, 349-1 Seogyodong, Mapogu.

Time: 08:30--18:00
Contact: 02-538-0264
Location: East Gate Information Desk, 159 Samseongdong, Gangnamgu

Global Center
Time: 09:00--18:00
Contact: 02-20754119
Location: 3F Press Center, 25 Taepyeongno 1-ga, Junggu.

Seoul Folk Flea Market
Time: 10:00--19:00
Contact: 02-22345836
Location: Inside Seoul Folk Flea Market, 109-5 Sinseoldong, Dongdaemungu.

Time: 10:30--22:00
Contact: 02-37897961
Location: 5F M Plaza Building, 31-1 Myeongdong 2-ga, Junggu.

There are also tourist information centers at Gimpo Airport and Incheon Airport.

Gimpo Airport
Time: 09:00--21:00
Contact: 02-37079465
Location: Next to Gate 2 on the 1st floor lobby, 157 Gonghangdong, Gangseogu.

Incheon Airport
Time: 06:00--22:00
Contact: 032-7433270
Location: In front of Gate D at arrival hall, Unseodong, Junggu, Incheon.

Information source
Seoul Best 100 Revised Edition
Publishing Organization
Seoul Metropolitan Government

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