Sunday, November 27, 2011

Malaysian Submarine Can't Dive


Malaysia is truly an outrageous country. Jet flies without engine. Submarine can't dive. Cattle are raised in luxury apartment. I am not joking because these are proven mockeries in Malaysia. If you don't believe, feel free to do Google search.

This is a photo of the submarine which can't dive. The name of this submarine is Agosta 70. Actually Agosta 70 is a submarine which was provided by French Navy to train Royal Malaysian Navy. The venue of the training was at French Naval Base in Brest of northwestern France.

Malacca government intends to turn Klebang reclaimed land into a Marine Theme Park. Based on the Malacca Chief Minister Department program, the submarine will be converted into a submarine museum. Without doing any homework, Malacca government announced the opening of submarine for public to visit. The Chief Minister of Malacca Mohd Ali Rostam was the first visitor of the submarine. The visit ended up with Mohd Ali Rostam inhaled poison gas and nearly died.

It's obvious that Malacca government didn't do any survey regarding the situation of the submarine. In order to ensure the safety of the visitors, it needs to make doors and windows on the body of the submarine so that the submarine will be fully ventilated. The work will be completed with one year. Those who are interested of visiting the submarine have to wait for a few months.

There are countless interesting stories in Malaysia. These incidents are just tip of the iceberg.

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  1. A submarine is a confined space and any smoke,gas or fire can be very dangerous to life.

  2. That's sad to know. Good to know that there are people like you who're willing to speak up. I hope your government will listen.

    Thanks for the visit. Keep in touch!

  3. Thomas:
    You are right. You know more than Malacca government. They should hire you as a consultant.

  4. Michael:
    Yes, it's a sad story. I don't think they would listen.


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