Monday, February 7, 2011

Malacca SJKC Merlimau

SJKC Merlimau
SJKC Merlimau is a Chinese primary school in Merlimau. It's located beside Merlimau Inn.

SJKC Merlimau
A reconstruction project was launched during 2009. This photo was taken before the rebuilding of the school.

SJKC Merlimau
The reconstruction work was started at the end of 2009. It was completed in August of the following year. During the duration of construction, pupils and teachers had to suffer. They were forced to breathe polluted air. All the teachers had to speak as loud as they could during their teaching lessons.

SJKC Merlimau
This is the hall of SJKC Merlimau. Before that, it was an open air badminton court. SJKC Merlimau reconstruction fee was around 2.5 million. The money was collected from donation.

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