Friday, November 5, 2010

Malacca DAP Banquet

Tony Pua
Malacca DAP banquet was held on October 11 in Pay Fong School Hall, Malacca.

MP of Petaling Jaya Utara Tony Pua was one of the speakers on that night. He unveiled the Malaysia financial scandals to the people of Malacca including PKFZ scandal which involved billions RM of public money.

Lim Guan Eng
Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng was one of the speakers of Malacca DAP banquet. He narrated on the excellent performance of the Penang PR Government. In addition, he also criticized BN which has lost the support of the people. The audience gave thunderous applause to Lim Guan Eng. Smile reflected in his face, as if PR already migrated to Putra Jaya.

Teo Nie Ching
Listening to MP of Serdang Teo Nie Ching giving speech, reminded me of my teaching life.

Teo Nie Ching revealed that she was invited to the police station after she had become Utusan cover star. According to Teo Nie Ching, Royal Malaysia Police just chatted with her friendly. Luckily she didn't leave a note stating "Sorry, I am very tired. Good-bye". Otherwise, Serdang has to hold by-election. I was also not able to shake hands with her.

Goh Leong San
Malacca DAP Chairman Goh Leong San teased Malacca state as flooding and prioritize pocket state. He didn't explained in detail about the meaning of the prioritize pocket state but the flooding problems which faced by residents of Malacca city is truly critical.

Malacca city which had been listed as the World Heritage by UNESCO always hits by flood. Malacca Chief Minister Ali Rustam should apply the flood situation in Malacca city to be listed in the Guinness record.

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