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Malacca Guimenguan (Gate Of Hell)

Malacca Guimenguan
Guimenguan (Lorong Jambatan) is an alley in Malacca. In Chinese, Guimenguan means Gate of Hell. It's a shortcut from Jalan Bunga Raya to Jalan Kampung Pantai. Not all Malacca people know that this short and narrow alley is Guimenguan.

Malacca Guimenguan
Although Guimenguan had experienced the vicissitudes, there are a few stores still operating. This is a granny supplies store. Cake molds and lacquered bamboo baskets are hanged in front of the store. Many age-old goods are sold here.

Malacca Lorong Jambatan
New Wah Nam is another store in Guimenguan. It specializes in glass framing, cutting coloured glass and designing glass shop sign.

Malacca Jambatan Kampung Jawa
The above photo is Jambatan Kampung Jawa which links Jalan Jawa and Guimenguan. If you are going to Jalan Kampung Pantai from Jalan Bunga Raya, you have to turn into Jalan Jawa and cross Jambatan Kampung Jawa.

In the old times, the river bank nearby Jalan Kampung Pantai was a busy pier. The immigrants from China mostly were settled there. They went over to Jalan Jawa to enjoy themselves during their leisure time.

Malacca Jalan Jawa
At that time, there were many brothels, opium dens and gambling outlets along Jalan Jawa. Those drug addicts, disappointed gamblers and patients suffering from venereal disease committed suicide by jumping into Malacca River from Jambatan Kampung Jawa. That's why the bridge is also known as "Nai He Qiao" which means "The Entrance to Hell".

In July of Lunar calendar (Month of Ghost), dropped by Malacca Guimenguan to look back the history of Malacca.

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