Friday, February 26, 2010

South Korean Red Bean Powder Ma Ci

Ma Ci
Ma ci is a traditional Chinese food. You might have tasted this old-time rice cake if you are a Chinese and as old as me.

I had eaten ma ci stained with minced peanut while I was a kid. After eating minced peanut ma ci, pimples will keep on growing. That's why although minced peanut ma ci is delicious but I am not fond of it.

Ma Ci
Ma ci which I had eaten was without filling but South Korean ma ci was filled with green peas. The ingredients of South Korean ma ci are glutinous rice, green peas and red beans. Wrap the green peas with glutinous rice and steam it. It can be served after dropping into a tray of red bean powder and stir thoroughly.

Based on my son's information, South Korean present ma ci to their colleagues and neighbours when they had been promoted or moved to a new residence. They hope to have a good relationship with their colleagues and neighbours. It's same as Chinese eating nian gao during Lunar New Year.

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