Thursday, April 30, 2009

Mentakap Bukit Bendera Resort

Bukit Bendera Resort
-->I went to Mentakap, Pahang recently to visit my friends. I stayed in Bukit Bendera Resort for one night.
Bukit Bendera Resort
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Bukit Bendera Resort is a 3-star resort which started its operation since 1996. It's a 4-storeyed building resort with 80 rooms. The resort rooms are divided into 6 categories and the rates range from RM 90 to RM 218. Colour TV set, idd phone line, electric kettle and tea set are available in the resort room.

In addition to the above facilities, Bukit Bendera Resort also provides restaurant, lounge, conference room, swimming pool, gymnasium, tennis courts, sauna and children playground.

Bukit Bendera Resort
-->Bukit Bendera Resort is located at Taman Bukit Bendera, Mentakap. The beautiful environment with cool fresh breeze is very ideal for weary travelers to stay. Getting to Bukit Bendera Resort is really easy and convenient. It's just five minutes drive from Mentakap town.

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