Sunday, March 8, 2009

Chinese Tea Keep You Slim

I wrote two articles on tea consecutively. The first article was regarding black tea of United Kingdom. The other article was related to green tea of South Korea. I am going to write about Chinese tea on this article.

A lot of super plump girls and ladies enquired me about my secret of keeping slim. I answered them with the same answer that was I drank Chinese tea daily.

I like to drink tea especially Chinese tea. I drink Chinese tea at every meal. For your information, drinking Chinese tea not only keep your body slim it also good for health.

If you want to have a slim body as me that is very simple. You just drink Chinese tea daily and make it a habit. Then you will be slim and healthy as well.


  1. a little difference ;)) in Vietnam, I realize the mid-age usually love to drink tea, meanwhile the youth (like us) wanna coffee

  2. What are the healthy benefit of chinese or korean tea?

    and i never expect that you are girl.

  3. I prefer green tea those originally from japan where when you make the tea, it is green not yellowish green

  4. wah.. i still prefer english tea..

  5. I heard a lot of good health effects of Chinese tea ...i just started drinking tea a few weeks ago...

  6. tea is good.. green tea is the best.
    chinese tea better.hehhehe


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