Saturday, February 21, 2009

Have A Cup Of Tea From United Kingdom

TeaI really enjoy drinking tea but due to my limited income, I can't afford to have high tea in five-star hotel. I can only have my favorite beverage at home with my wife. I was too busy with my work before I retired and hardly had time to enjoy my favorite drink. Now, I have retired and I can sip tea whenever I wish.

My son returned home from United Kingdom to celebrate the Chinese New Year. He bought a box of tea for me. Its taste was wonderful. Although Malaysia has tea plantation too but its product can't compare with the tea that my son brought back from United Kingdom.


  1. I never try a tea made in uk or any European.How about when you compare it with tea from korea I mean the green tea . I love Green tea from korea.

    It could be nice if someday I can taste that tea. :)

  2. how is the taste? i think that is like regular tea, right? :-)

  3. But in England we add milk and sugar, I hear you say "gargh"

  4. I would like to buy some tea of your choice and send it to you for you to enjoy! You worked hard and now you are retired so you deserve some nice tea.
    Email me and I will see what I can do.

  5. Ooo, I have a box of that too.
    Tastes lovely.


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