Friday, October 24, 2008

The Touching Children's Day In Malaysia

Children DayMalaysian primary schools celebrate the Children's Day every year in October. The students joyfully celebrate this touching festival together with their teachers and parents. The Malaysia's children are utmost fortunate.

Early in October, the school administrators and the teachers will be busy to discuss and prepare for the Children's Day celebration. The students will look forward to the oncoming of the Children's Day.
Children DayThe girls dressed like the beautiful butterflies and the boys looked smart like handsome young men. They all smiled happily during the Children's Day. It shows that the Children's Day is really grand in Malaysia.

The Children's Day came to an end as the splendid Children's Day performance ended and each student went home with a packet of the Children's Day gift. After the Children's Day, the teachers have to do their routine duties and the students have to study earnestly as usual.


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  2. Thank you very much teacher...

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    Yes, the little girl is very cute.
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