Saturday, June 14, 2008

Singapore South East Asia Hotel

Singapore South East Asia HotelMy wife and I went to Singapore during midyear school holidays. We stayed in South East Asia Hotel which is situated at 190 Waterloo Street.

The location of South East Asia Hotel is very ideal. It's in the city centre of Singapore. Getting to South East Asia Hotel is really convenient. You can get to South East Asia Hotel by bus, taxi and MRT. The Bugis MRT Station is a few minutes of walking distance from South East Asia Hotel.

The famous Bugis Street Market and Bugis Junction are nearby South East Asia Hotel. Both places are crowded with tourists from all over the world seven days per week.

Singapore South East Asia HotelThere is a Guan Yin (Goddess Of Mercy) Temple beside South East Asia Hotel. It's the most popular temple in Singapore. Many believers of Guan Yin visit the temple to worship Guan Yin everyday. There are many stalls that sell joss sticks, flowers and fruits for worshipping along Waterloo Street.

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