Thursday, April 3, 2008

Clarke Quay C Clinic

C Clinic
C ClinicAccording to Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary (Special Price Edition), clinic is a special place where specialized medical advice and treatment are given to visiting patients. Clinic is also an occasion in a hospital when students learn by watching how a medical specialist examines and treats his or her patients.
C Clinic
C ClinicAlthough you can see there are patient beds with operating theater lights and table with wheel chairs in the above photos. It's really interesting that Clarke Quay C Clinic has nothing to do with any medical problems. You can't find any doctors, nurses, students or patients but there are waiters, waitresses, bartenders and chefs in C Clinic.

Actually C Clinic is a bar & restaurant that serves food & beverages. It's located at Block B of
Clarke Quay in Singapore. Feel free to visit C Clinic's web site to satisfy your curiosity.

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