Thursday, March 5, 2015

Memories Of Hong Kong Central

Elgin Street

From Caine Road, we captured street pictures while heading to Elgin Street.

Elgin Street

Elgin Street is located in Central, Hong Kong. This street was named after James Bruce, Earl Elgin 8.

Elgin Street

As shown in the photo, Elgin Street is one of the old streets in Central.

Elgin Street

Elgin Street was also known as Mud Street in old time because the street was muddy during rainy day.

Peel Street

Besides Elgin Street, Peel Street is another street situated in Central of Hong Kong.

As you can see from the photo, Peel Street is narrow and slanting at the slope of Victoria Peak.

Cafe Chocoholic

Cafe Chocoholic is a chocolate theme cafe along Peel Street. From what I know, Cafe Chocoholic had stopped operating.

Shelly Street

We arrived at Shelly Street after wandering along Elgin Street and Peel Street.

Central–Mid-levels Escalator

Shelly Street is a ladder street. Escalator to Central–Mid-levels is available for visitors.

Central–Mid-levels Escalator

This photo shows the Central–Mid-levels Escalator. Central–Mid-levels is a prestigious residential area in Hong Kong.

Lyndhurst Terrace

This photo was taken from the escalator. The name of this street is Lyndhurst Terrace. There is a famous bakery, Tai Cheong Bakery at Lyndhurst Terrace.

Wellington Street

Wellington Street is wider and the traffic is truly heavy. The buildings along Wellington Street are new and higher. There is a wide range of shops around Wellington Street.

Pottinger Street

We managed reaching Pottinger Street. It's also a ladder street. That day, we kept on going up and down the ladders around Central.

Pottinger Street

In case you wish to buy some souvenirs, Pottinger Street is the right place to visit. Varieties of interesting stuffs can be purchased there.

Pottinger Street

This photo proves that Pottinger Street is the hot spot for tourists all over the world to visit.

Lan Kwai Fong

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Hong Kong Sheung Wan

Wing Lok Street

After savoring Hong Kong beef hofan, we walked around Sheung Wan.

Wing Lok Street

This is Wing Lok Street in Sheung Wan. There are many Chinese herb stores and dried seafood shops.

Upper Lascar Row

We headed to Upper Lascar Row which is not far away from Wing Lok Street.

Upper Lascar Row

Upper Lascar Row is a narrow lane with many stores selling antiques and used stuffs.

Upper Lascar Row

Many antiques and secondhand goods are available at Upper Lascar Row such as fans, clocks, statues and many more.

Hollywood Road

After Upper Lascar Row, we moved to Hollywood Road which is extending to Queen Street West.

Man Mo Temple

The Man Mo Temple is located at Hollywood Road. It's under renovation during our visit to Hong Kong.

Ladder Street

Same as its name, Ladder Street is a street with ladder.

Ladder Street

Ladder Street is a popular location for Hong Kong movies and television dramas filming.

Caine Road

We walked up to the top of Ladder Street and reached Caine Road. We strolled along Caine Road to Central of Hong Kong.

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