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Kelantan Pengkalan Kubor

Pengkalan Kubor

Pengkalan Kubor is a mini town at Northern Kelantan.

Pengkalan Kubor Map

Pengkalan Kubur is located at Golok River estuary and bordered with Tak Bai of Thailand.

Golok River

There is no bridge joining Bak Tai and Pengkalan Kubor. The residents of both border towns cross the river by boat or Ferry.

Pengkalan Kubor Jetty

This is Pengkalan Kubor Jetty. It's built behind Pengkalan Kubor ICQS Complex. The residents of Tak Bai and Pengkalan Kubor board ferry at this jetty.

Pengkalan Kubor Immigration Building

There were cars queuing at Pengkalan Kubor Immigration Building and waiting to board on ferry to Tak Bai.

Pengkalan Kubor Ferry

A few vehicles were taking turns to board on ferry which would cross the river and heading to Tak Bai.

Sri Tanjong Ferry

Sri Tanjong Ferry was on the way to Tak Bai on the other side of Golok River. This ferry carried both vehicles and passengers.

Pengkalan Kubor Ferry Fares

This is the ferry fares notice board.

Passenger: RM 0.60
motorcycle/wheelbarrow: RM 1.50
Van/car: (Including Passengers) RM 5.00
Bus (Including Driver and Passengers) RM 10.00
Lorry 6 Wheels (Including Driver and Attendant) RM 7.00
Lorry 10 Wheels (Including Driver and Attendant) RM 10.00
Cargo < 100 kg : RM 1.00
Cargo < 1000 kg : RM 2.00
Cargo > 1000 kg : RM 7.00

Pengkalan Kubor Jetty

This sign board is reminding passengers about the last trip of the ferry. As you can see from the photo, the last trip of the ferry is at 6:30 pm.

Welcome To Pengkalan Kubor

This greeting foreign tourist sign board was seen at Pengkalan Kubor Jetty. The photos on the sign board are related to cultural heritage of Kelantan.

Pengkalan Kubor Customs Department

We snapped a few pictures of Pengkalan Kubor Customs Department when passed by there. Not many vehicles or pedestrians exited from customs building.

Pengkalan Kubor Duty Free Zone

In case you are visiting Pengkalan Kubor, you shouldn't miss visiting Pengkalan Kubor Duty Free Zone. It's situated beside Pengkalan Kubor ICQS Complex.

Pengkalan Kubor Duty Free Zone

Apart from clothing, a wide range of foods are available at Pengkalan Kubor Duty Free Zone. We dropped by this stall to buy some cashew nuts and tamarinds.

Cashew Nuts

The price of the cashew nuts was not expensive. I can't remember how much per kilogram. We finished the cashew nuts when we were stopping at Kuala Trengganu.


These tamarinds are imported from Thailand and quite tasty. You have to beware so that you not swallow any worms in the tamarinds.

Layer Cake

Besides cashew nuts and tamarinds, this stall also sells layer cakes. These colorful layer cakes are very beautiful.


I truly like Pistachios. Not certain these pistachios are imported from Thailand or other countries.

Pickled Foods

Pickled foods are also sold at Pengkalan Kubor Duty Free Zone. If are fond of pickled foods, you can buy until satisfied.


Dodol is also can be bought at Pengkalan Kubor Duty Free Zone. There are various colors of Kelantan dodol but Malacca dodol only with dark brown color.

Pengkalan Kubor ICQS Complex

Pengkalan Kubor Duty Free Zone visitors park their vehicles at Pengkalan Kubor ICQS Complex. A lady with her kids had finished shopping and going to leave.

Pengkalan Kubor By-election

It happens that a by-election will be held after the death of Pengkalan Kubor Assemblyman Datuk Noor Zahidi Omar from BN on August 20.

Based on Election Commission (SPR) source, the nomination date is on September 13 2014 and the polling date is on 25 September 2014.

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Sunday, September 7, 2014

Amsterdam Damrak Street View

Damrak Street View

We were getting around along Damrak while waiting for trip manager at Dam Square.

Amsterdam Damrak Map

Damrak is a main street of Amsterdam which connects Central Station with Dam Square.

Swiss Hotel

Swiss Hotel is a 4-star hotel at Damrak. The location of Swiss Hotel is truly ideal because it's at Amsterdam city center.

Amsterdam Tours and Tickets

In case you want to get information or buy tour tickets, you can proceed to "Tours and Tickets" at the ground floor of Swiss Hotel.

Amsterdam Tours and Tickets

Tickets available at "Tours and Tickets" include admission tickets of Icebar, Heineken Museum, Madame Tussaud Museum and tour tickets of Zaanse Schans, canal cruise, Amsterdam tour bus as well as hop on-hop off bus.

Damrak Plaza Restaurant

There is a restaurant beside "Tours and Tickets". This restaurant is Dam Plaza Restaurant which serves Grill Parrilla of South America.

De Roode Leeuw Hotel

This is the photo of De Roode Leeuw Hotel at Damrak. De Roode Leeuw Hotel is also a 4-star hotel. Based on internet reviews, staying at De Roode Leeuw Hotel is the right choice of tourists traveling in Amsterdam.

De Roode Leeuw Restaurant

De Roode Leeuw Restaurant is at the ground floor of De Roode Leeuw Hotel. Mussel is one of the dishes serve by De Roode Leeuw Restaurant. As we had savored tortilla wraps and tuna salad sandwich at La Place Restaurant, so we didn't try the mussels of De Roode Leeuw Restaurant.

Carrousel Arcade Casino

This is another street view of Damrak. This photo shows a casino at Damrak. This casino is Carrousel Arcade Casino. You can try your luck in this casino if you wish.

Amsterdam Trishaw

The owner of this trishaw is very smart. The space of the rear part of his trishaw was used for advertising. The advertisement is about Amsterdam Torture Museum at 449 Singel.

For your information, there are quite many museum around Amsterdam. Rijksmuseum, Stedelijk Museum, Anne Frank House, Van Gogh Museum and Amsterdam Museum are among the most popular museums in Amsterdam.

Amsterdam Bike Rental

May be you wish to enjoy Amsterdam city sightseeing by cycling. You can rent a bicycle at this bike rental outlet. The address of this bike rental shop is 247 Damrak. It's not far away from Dam Square.

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